Activity and Discoveries

❈ Well-being Center ❈

We firmly believe that health not only depends on a diet but also on physical activity, mind training, breathing in a correct way, relaxing and regular body cleansing.
This is why we organize:
– Fasting retreats at Riad Les Deux Mondes.
– Yoga courses
– Healthy diet and revitalization retreats.
– We also offer retreats combined with kite-surfing or surfing.
Complementary activities we can arrange for you:
– Yoga classes on request
– Naturopathic Assessment
– Workshop detoxing with plants (herbal teas)
– Workshop create your own 100% organic cosmetic products (scrub, mask, moisturizer)
– Healthy cooking workshop using vegetable juices and green smoothies, sprouted seeds, gluten- and milk-free recipes.
– Ayurvedic Massages Abhyanga
– Relaxing massages with argan oil
– Infrared sauna sessions
– Moroccan hammam sessions (coming soon)


Activities Prices    
Infra-red sauna (30 min) (1 to 3 people at the same time) 80dhs/pers    
Relaxing massage with argan oil (1h) 300dhs/pers    
Massage Abhyanga (ayurvédique) (60mn) 400dhs/pers    
Individual naturooathic assessment (1h30) 400dhs/pers    
Work shop ‘ detox with herbal teas’ (1h30) 300dhs/pers    
Work shop ‘ natural cosmotics’ (1h30) 300dhs/pers    
Work shop ‘ rejuvenating’(2h00) : jus de légumes,  …. 300dhs/pers    



❈ Work shop ‘ Detox with herbal teas’ ❈

Learn all about detoxing with plants and get an answer to the questions.
Why deep clean our bodies?
When to do a drainage?

What are the recommended plants and their benefits?
How to prepare an infusion and a decoction?
All this while tasting pure organic herbal teas to activate the cleansing of our body.

❈ Work shop ‘ Natural cosmotics’ ❈

Learn how to prepare your own facials adapted to your skin type.
Are you tired of products where you can’t trace the origin of the components nor the impact on your skin?
Do you want to start making cosmetics that do not contain paraben, Phenoxyethanol, aluminum, phthalate, etc … Do you prefer skincare that is not tested on animals?
We offer you a workshop that includes the preparation and the application of:
– a scrub
– a facial mask
– a moisturizing and balancing cream to take home with you.
All products are vegetal and natural in origin and all ingredients and containers are provided. At the end of the workshop, you will leave with your moisturizing cream and the recipes of all the treatments we applied during our workshop.

❈ Revitalizing cooking workshop ❈

During this workshop, you will learn how fun, delicious and easy it is to incorporate powerful nutrients into your daily diet. We will particularly talk about the benefits of fresh vegetable juices and green smoothies, two major and complementary methods to optimize health and well-being. We will show you how to create a good juice and smoothie both nutritionally and tastefully with seasonal vegetables and fruits and then we’ll taste them ! You will discover which are the recommended appliances and key ingredients to make these wonderful drinks. You will come back home with several juices and smoothies recipes to try.

❈ Discover the surroundings of Essaouira ❈