Naturopathy & Yoga

❈ Defining Naturopathy ❈

Naturopathy is an art of living that offers one the possibility of being in full form in an all natural way. It preserves and optimizes the overall health of a person while allowing the body to self-regulate on a natural base.

Naturopathy is based on the principle of the vital energy in any organism, the principle according to which, the body holds all the means for self-regulation and self-healing.
Naturopathy gives us the tools and indications to live a healthy life, taking care of ourselves and our environment, strengthening our natural defenses and preventing illness.
How to create a positive ‘body and life’ hygiene:
– A healthy diet adapted to one’s needs
– A balanced physical practice
– Management of emotions and stress
– One or two purifying cures a year
– Adding natural food supplements if necessary
– Manual therapies such as energy massages and lymphatic drainages
– iIncluding regular sauna or hammam sessions
The WHO (World Health Organization) integrates it as part of traditional medicines alongside
Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines.

❈ The Benefits of yoga ❈

Yoga is an ancient spiritual and ascetic discipline, coming from India.
Yoga not only tones and relaxes the body but also helps in managing stress whilst offering deep relaxation.
In practicing asanas (postures), repeating sequences and different breathing exercises, we become more aware of our body and learn how to put worries and problems into perspective.
The benefits of yoga are many:
– Soften the spine and joints, elongate the muscles.
– Cleanse and revitalize the whole body, and especially the internal organs. This as a
result of the internal massage provided by certain postures.
– Harmonize and tone the overall muscle system because yoga activates and trains muscles that are not or barely used in daily activities.
– Improve concentration and balance.
– Improve the quality of breathing and increasing the supply of oxygen to our cells,
– Deep relaxation of body and mind and ultimately yoga is much more than that.
It is a way to harmonize and unify the body, mind, and spirit with the Universe.
It is a philosophy, an art of living that respects our own body, others and nature.

❈ Well-being Center ❈

We firmly believe that health not only depends on a diet but also on physical activity, mind training, breathing in a correct way, relaxing and regular body cleansing.
This is why we organize:
– Fasting retreats at Riad Les Deux Mondes.
– Yoga courses
– Healthy diet and revitalization retreats.
– We also offer retreats combined with kite-surfing or surfing.
Complementary activities we can arrange for you:
– Yoga classes on request
– Naturopathic Assessment
– Workshop detoxing with plants (herbal teas)
– Workshop create your own 100% organic cosmetic products (scrub, mask, moisturizer)
– Healthy cooking workshop using vegetable juices and green smoothies, sprouted seeds, gluten- and milk-free recipes.
– Ayurvedic Massages Abhyanga
– Relaxing massages with argan oil
– Infrared sauna sessions
– Moroccan hammam sessions (coming soon)